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Assume-A-Lease Usually no money is required upfront!

Banks and Commercial Lenders utilize Manufacturers Capital LLC’s vast expertise in the evaluation and re-marketing of manufacturing equipment.  Manufacturers Capital offers machines with financing in place, based on a portion due on the lender’s original contract. Usually no money is required upfront in the form of down payments or upfront payments. In most cases … the upfront payments, security deposits and collection of a good portion of interest payments have been made by the original lessee.  Assume-A-Lease allows the new borrower to take advantage of this and enters into this lease in a very attractive stage!   Another value-added benefit are easier credit terms, as the bank already purchased the machine and will usually relax their credit standards for a company looking to acquire one of these machines.  If you have had difficulty arranging financing for a machine then perhaps this can help solve your temporary problem! Unless specifically noted, Manufacturers Capital LLC has not physically inspected the equipment offered and does not make any claim or warranty regarding the equipment offered.  Assume-A-Lease creates a “WIN-WIN” proposition for everyone!

For More Information please contact David Goose at Tel: 866.375.2999.

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